git-game - A playful way to try your git skills

We can hardly imagine a developer without git “knowledge” now a days. However, the definition of knowledge may (and, most likely to) vary from person to person. So, rather than going into that debate, I think we can safely say that all developers, claiming to “know” git, must be able to do some basic operations like clone, add, commit, push, pull, etc. Moreover, if you really want to love git, you should get familiar with bit more advanced (!) operations like-

  • keeping an eye on what others are doing (i.e. checking logs)
  • blaming someone else for a bug in code
  • checking out to a specific commit to see if it had any sanity at all
  • jumping among branches like a monkey and merging them together
  • checking the “diff”erences across not only commits but also branches
  • if there’s a conflict between two, how to resolve it nicely
  • how to let others do the work and steal the end result to claim your own
  • and, some other really important (!) things

To get familiar with or to learn more (than you already know) about git, you will find hundreds of articles and tutorials online. However, I came across a game called git-game to test git skills in a really fun way. You will get a glimpse of git’s power when you play the game. If just playing it isn’t enough fun for you, you will also get a badge from Open Badge Factory of your accomplishment when you complete all the challenges in the game.

Tips for the game

  • There are many UI tools for git. They are really cool, easy to use and make git operations so easy that you don’t even have to think about what you are doing. Well, stay away from them. At least for the git-game challenge, if you really want to learn and have the intended fun.
  • Don’t cheat. You are competing no one. It’s only you and your knowledge about git. The proper thing to do will be to “learn” the relevant git operation when you are stuck in a level for too long. Honestly, I was stuck in level-8 for way too long and learned a new way of doing “xxx” operation (no spoilers).
  • How and where to start? That is for you to figure out and a prerequisite to even start playing the game. You are on your own to solve this mystery.
  • Finally, for reading this seemingly meaningless long post with patience, a real tip- keep an eye on your working directory. That may save a lot of time in future during the game.

That’s all Gitters. Hope to see your badges soon!

P.S: I haven’t received the badge yet. I takes around 2 weeks to get one after completing the challenge. I will include the badge here once I receive it.

Here is the badge. :)