Curiously Recurring Template Pattern (CRTP) in C#

CRTP or Curiously Recurring Template Pattern is often a very good topic to confuse people. If you are one of the people who got the grasp of it completely, well done! However, if you are not one of those people, this post is for you. I will try to explain my perception about CRTP.

Multi currency generic Money in C#

I have recently written a Money class in C# with generic and multi-currency support.

Jekyll with Tags, Archive and Comments in GitHub Pages

In my previous post, I have demonstrated how we can easily setup a Jekyll blog hosted in GitHub Pages. I will explain how I implemented the automatic tag and archive page generation within the constraints imposed by GitHub Pages. Also, I will show how I ended up using GitHub to store and serve my blog comments as well.

Making of this blog using Jekyll & Pixyll

This is my first attempt to static sites. To be honest, Jekyll is quite impressive. Using jekyll and few other community contribution, I was able to build and host this awesome site (isn’t it?) completely for free. I am goning to descibe how I did it in this post.