git-game - A playful way to try your git skills

We can hardly imagine a developer without git “knowledge” now a days. However, the definition of knowledge may (and, most likely to) vary from person to person. So, rather than going into that debate, I think we can safely say that all developers, claiming to “know” git, must be able to do some basic operations like clone, add, commit, push, pull, etc. Moreover, if you really want to love git, you should get familiar with bit more advanced (!) operations like-

Introduction to Reactive Extension (Rx) for .NET

It is probably very, very late to be introduced to Rx library. But, I must say that I am amazed by the power of Rx for .NET. Reactive Extension for .NET is, by far, the most powerful tool to handle events and concurrency that I have come across.

Publishing Angular Autowrap to npm, bower and GitHub Releases from Travis-CI

tl;dr > read the code then.

Angular AutoWrap - validation and control template

Although AngularJS itself is pretty wonderful, I often run into situations where the html markup begins to get noisy. Displaying validation messages for input control can be a very prominent example of what I mean. In the markup, the actual meaningful line is (or, it should be):